How do I know what size to order?

Simply hang a measuring tape downward from your ceiling and decide where your bar would best suit you. Small bar is 10? or 14? from ceiling or wall, Standard bar is 14? or 22? from ceiling or wall, Large is 31? or 39? from ceiling or wall.

Do you sell pull up bar accessories?

Yes. You’ll find pull up assist bands and gymnastic rings on our Accessories page.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship USPS priority mail for overseas shipments. Email us for a shipping quote.


How long will delivery take?

We ship Fed Ex ground from San Diego, Ca you can expect delivery within 5 days.

My Stud Bar arrived but a box is missing.

Stud Bar ships in two separate boxes, the two “T” brackets ship in a large box and the round bar ships in smaller longer box. The boxes often arrive on the same day but we can’t guarantee that. If you only receive one box, check your receipt for the tracking information the missing box. You can look it up online and determine just where your package is. You could also just wait a day or two for the other box to show up.

If your second box doesn’t show up after a couple of days or your tracking search doesn’t give you any answers, please let us know. If there’s a problem, email mark@studbarpullup.com and we’ll figure it out together.

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted within 14 days of purchase. Stud Bars must be returned undamaged in original packaging. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

What size bolts secure the bar?

M10 x 30MM Thread Pitch 1.5

What size lag bolts are provided?

5/16″ x 4″

What is the length of the bracket that mounts to ceiling or wall?


What height should a pull up bar be from the floor?

There isn’t a standard height; it depends on the user’s height. 7’ 6” is an average bar height. Here’s an article about choosing a height for your pull up bar if you’d like to learn more.

Can I wall mount my Stud Bar?

Yes, Stud Bar is designed to mount to your wall or ceiling.

My studs don’t center at 48 inches. What can I do?

Stud Bar can be mounted to an appropriate length 2 x 4 which can then be bolted across your existing studs. The cross bar can also be cut down to the width of your studs and a new threaded nut can be welded into place.

How much weight can Stud Bar support?

The Stud Bar is rated for a 600 pound weight capacity. Check out our demo video to see 3 people totaling 550 pounds using the bar simultaneously.

I want to add more grip to my bar what can I do?

Wrap your bar with athletic tape.

Can I kip when wall mounting a Stud Bar?

Yes! This can only be accomplished by mounting a large Stud Bar since more leg room is required when kipping.

What if I can’t do 1 pull-up or chin-up?

Whatever method you choose: pull yourself up as if nothing/nobody was helping you. Pull-ups & Chin-ups feel very different without assistance. Always try to beat your previous record.

Chin-ups. Chin-ups are easier than Pull-ups. If you can’t do 1 Pull-up, try Chin-ups. Alternate Chin-ups with Pull-ups when you get stronger.

Resistance Band. Use a resistance band to help you on the way up. Use mini/light bands for light weights and average/strong bands for heavier weights.

Ask For Help. Ask someone to grab your side with his hands. Let him help you on the way up by squatting down & pressing up.

Kipping Pull-ups. Swing your hips while pulling yourself up until you get stronger.

Routine. You can also try this strength training routine to increase your strength on Pull-ups (or Chin-ups).

Use Momentum. Jump up & use momentum. Control yourself on the way down. This one will get you a sore back and arms. You’ve been warned.

Other Questions?

Do you have other questions about the Stud Bar pullup bar that aren’t answered here? Please contact us and we’ll get back to you right away.

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