Standard Stud Bar for 9 ft. Ceilings or Wall Mountable

Small Stud Bar for 8 ft. Ceilings

Large Stud Bar for 10 ft. Ceilings or Wall Mountable

Crossfit Athlete Jackie Perez

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Our Mission

To provide outstanding customer service and a strong, well-designed pull up bar (chin up bar if you prefer) that will motivate you to be fit. We want to do our part to help make you better, stronger, and faster.

Customer Service

Your emails to and calls (619) 823-7575 will be promptly and personally answered by me. We guarantee Stud Bar for life; with regular use you can guarantee improvement to your life.

Turn your ceiling or wall
into an all in one gym

Pull ups
Chin ups
Kipping pull ups
Core and abs
Ad gymnastic rings turning your pull up bar into a Dip machine
Crossfit kipping pull up bar, P90X pull up bar, TRX pull up bar

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